Here’s a few updates: last spring, Structo in the UK published a number of translations Tae-young and I did by Yi Tal and Nansorhon. Loch Raven Review did the same for some translations of Hyesim and Nansorhon, accompanied by an introduction. Tae-young and I were also graced to win Ninth Letter’s Literary Award in Translation for a Nansorhon poem we did. I was especially happy with that because “Poem Given to a Nun While Staying at a Taoist Temple,” the translated poem that won the award, is one I have always had a special feeling for even though it’s not one of her well known poems and no one else seemed to care much about the translation. So thank you to the judge and Ninth Letter contest readers for seeing what I saw in the translation. Lastly, my brother Brad Havens made a book trailer for Magnolia and Lotus, which came out great, I think. You can see the trailer here.


I’m making progress on my 11 pages of emails; so much information to sort through, organize, and respond to. Going to the Philippines with my family over Christmas break and then putting together a query package for my largest project yet has allowed very little catch up time. But I am happily catching up and so would like to announce some of things that have happened the past few months. World Literature Today listed Magnolia and Lotus as a 2013 Notable Book in translation, which brought an interview with the Korea Times. A nice present came from As it Ought to Be, which reviewed Magnolia and Lotus on Thanksgiving Day. Asymptote’s new issue has a short intro to and three poems by Nansorhon that Taeyoung and I translated; Nansorhon is the Korean writer who inspired me to do committed translation work. Look for a translation of her complete works by Taeyoung and me some years down the line.

There’s much more to report but this is getting long so I will pick it up again in the coming days. Stay tuned…


Moved across island and then the new school year began, but many new updates coming soon.  For now, this one in brief: check out Daeung Sunim's blog translated into English here. Sunim recently completed his trek across America (from Canada to the southern tip of South America), and now his journey continues into Nepal. The translation of Sunim's blog from Korean into English is one that has had starts and stops, but for now is a working process (and I suppose a work in process-as long as Sunim keeps adding to his blog). I'm happy to be a part of this community-oriented translation work.


Many thanks to all who came out for the Wealthy Street Theater reading on 8/7. It was a really nice event in my hometown, and I am grateful for the support.

For those who would like to win a free copy of Magnolia and Lotus, two blogs are hosting giveaways (and review features): My Cozie Corner and Melissa’s Midnight Musings. The deadline to enter these giveaways is soon so check them out.

You can hear me reading translated poetry online at Rhino and Electric Poetry with Olive, a radio show in Grand Rapids. The Rhino poem is titled “Autumn Longing” by Nansorhon, while the poems for Electric Poetry are by Hyesim, excerpted from Magnolia and Lotus.

I’ll announce other tour stops for the virtual tour next weekend, but for the full schedule, click here.


I’ll have a book launch and reading beginning at 7:00 PM for Magnolia and Lotus. The venue is the Koning Micro-cinema at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids, MI. There will be a reception with traditional Korean food of a Buddhist Temple variety (snacks & drinks—don’t think I can pull off dinner, though I admit that would be fun!).


Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak will host a reading and book signing from 4-6 PM. Morning Crane Tea and Arthur Park will also be on hand with traditional Korean tea ware and teas for sale. Korean snacks and a visual aid presentation to accompany the reading. There is a door charge of $8 and the venue is limited to 25 people so if you’re coming you’ll want to come early or maybe make a reservation. For more info contact Goldfish Tea.


So much going on I can barely keep up!  The reading in DC was wonderful.  Thanks to The Writer’s Center for sponsoring the event, Yvette Moreno, Danuta Kosk-Kosicka, Nancy Carlson, Sunil Freeman and everyone else who came out to support the reading.  The virtual tour rolls on.  July 19th, 23rd, 26th and 31st saw interviews at Book Marketing Buzz, Review from Here, PUYB and through the 3rd eye; on the 24th I guest blogged at The Story Behind the Book. Through the 3rd eye was also kind enough to run a feature on Magnolia and Lotus here.

Looking ahead, much and more is coming up in the way of interviews, features, and reviews. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!


I’ll have a reading and signing at The Writer’s Center in Washington DC from 7-8:30 PM. I’m bringing Korean snacks and drinks; there may also be a visual presentation. Should be fun!


Some updates on the virtual tour for Magnolia and Lotus: there's an interview about my background and how I got started as a writer that appeared July 11 at Literal Exposure;  a snippet interview of some facts about me appeared July 15 at Between the Covers; and many thanks to Michelle McGrane who featured Magnolia and Lotus at Peony Moon.


Here are some tentative dates for my virtual tour:

I also just learned Buddhadharma had a review of Magnolia and Lotus in April, found here.


Gwarlingo’s Sunday poem feature with poems from Magnolia and Lotus came out beautifully. Check it out here. My virtual tour will begin soon. Look for me to appear at Melissa’s Midnight Musings, the book barista, and the true book addict, among others.


Check out my new author page, bio, and book promotion at Goodreads.  I’ll be giving away 25 books to people as part of the promotion. If you like my author page at Facebook or simply friend me on Facebook and you win, I’ll sign a copy of the book for you.


This summer watch for interviews with Gwarlingo, a spotlight feature at Intralingo, a review of Magnolia and Lotus from Buddha Dharma, and in July, my 30 stop virtual blog tour for Magnolia and Lotus begins. I should be reading in Michigan/the midwest as well—just trying to nail down dates so stay tuned.

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